Be professional with Flasty 3D Printers!

Flasty GT Features

  • Stronger than ever

    Strong 3D printer steel construction are dumping the vibrations

  • Custom 3D printing electronics

    Upgraded standart electrinics gives more access to new features

  • Enegry saving mode

    Switch part of platform heater if you don't need it now

  • Own user-friendly interface

    Control your powerfull printer with touchscreen control

  • No more calibration by hand!

    Use our innovative system of platform autocalibration

  • CoreXY kinematics

    Use fast printing for you

  • High printing quality

    Up to 50 microns per layer

  • Take off flash drive

    You don't need to keep USB flash drive inside while printing

  • Upgradeble software

    Use all advantages of our Flasty Jade using WI-FI updtes

  • Remote printing control

    You don't need to be near to printer if you want to start printing!

  • Huge printing dementions


  • Printing control

    Change parameters wihile printing and make it more precision

Flasty GT Specifications

Layer resolution: 50 micron
Print speed: 50-200 mm/s
Build volume: (x) 400 x (y) 300 x (z) 400 mm
Printer sizes: (x) 580 x (y) 540 x (z) 700 mm
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Printing filaments: PLA , ABS , PET, PC, HIPS, PVA etc.
Body materials: Steel, aluminium
Extruder: Available for nozzles 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 mm
Firmware: Flasty Firmware, Flasty Jade
File types: .stl, .gcode
Alailable Software: Flasty Jade
Compatible OS: Windows XP and higher, Mac OS X and higher, Linux
Hotbed: 250-500 Watt, tempered glass
Power consumption: Up to 650 Watt (~120 Watt kinematics and extruder & ~500 Watt hotbed).
Available options: Available complectation with own additional electronics, video camera, closed body, second additional extruder

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